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United Legal Services is dedicated to helping our clients navigate through complex legal procedure. United Legal Services takes pride in assisting our clients with a specialty in numerous scopes of law. United Legal's goal is to provide each and every client with realistic expectations from the onset of the relationship. 


United Legal  was established in early 2014 by founder Giancarlo Mazzitelli.  Giancarlo previously worked in the insurance sector as a special investigator. Giancarlo's past work experience has assisted United Legal in the management of accident benefit claims. 


Giancarlo has worked for a big 5 bank and multiple large creditors in the recovery of delinquent debt through the Superior Court of Justice. Giancarlo created a proprietary pre-screening process that has maximized real dollar settlements for clients. There are realistic challenges that accompany liquidated past due debt and United Legal's solutions are a service that every creditor should explore. 

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